Details regarding agreement with Republic Services

The Village of Swanton strives to protect the health, safety, and public welfare of our residents. Recently, there were concerns raised regarding the current residential waste and recycling hauling agreement within the Village of Swanton. Below is a general summary of current agreement; it is not intended to be all encompassing regarding the agreement or potential concerns raised. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Village Administrator for more discussion.

The current residential waste and recycling hauling agreement, which went into effect in 2019 after months of negotiation and discussion at Council Meetings, is between the Village of Swanton and Republic Services; this agreement will run until 2024. The rates are listed below for the term of the agreement. The Village of Swanton does not generate any revenue from this agreement. The agreement also includes containers used at the biannual bulk drop off days; this service is of no additional charge for Village of Swanton residents.

 July 1, 2019- June 30, 2020July 1, 2020- June 30, 2021July 1, 2021- June 30, 2022July 1, 2022- June 30, 2023July 1, 2023-June 30, 2024
$ 16.04$ 16.52$ 17.02$ 17.53$ 18.06

The agreement between the two is an exclusive franchise for residential properties. This means a single hauler collects the materials within the Village of Swanton for residential properties. Industrial and commercial units are exempt from within the franchise agreement.

Benefits of exclusive franchises include but are not limited to: uniform pricing at a reduced rate, reduced truck traffic, prolonged street life, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The Village of Swanton is able to negotiate a reduced rate and lock in those rates for multiple years. Further, this last round of negotiations, the Village urged Republic Services to include one bulk pick up at the curb per quarter. The reduced truck traffic contributes to reduced wear and tear of streets pavement, increasing life of streets and reducing maintenance costs.

If you have questions about your Republic Services bill or operations, you are welcome to contact them directly at 1.800.243.3429.

If you would like to speak to someone at the Village of Swanton about your questions and/or concerns you are welcome to contact Rosanna Hoelzle, Village Administrator via email or phone: or 419.826.9515.

Update on Leaf Pick Up

Lammons Bros. will be able to resume leaf pick up later this week (December 3 & 4). The final day for leaf pick up will be Monday December 7. Please place leaves on the tree lawn for collection, NOT in the street. Leaves placed in the street can be a hazard to motorist, can block drainage, and become wet and matted after a rain, which can significantly slow the collection process. Please do not mix grass, sticks, or brush in with the leaves.

Updates due to COVID-19 pandemic

  • Municipal Building will be closed to foot traffic from November 30, 2020 to January 3, 2021.
    • Staff will continue to work for YOU! Please call or email if there is something for which we can help! 419.826.9515
    • Utility payments can be mailed or dropped in the secure dropbox near the Police Station. Further, ACH payment is also available at no additional cost.
    • You can also sign up to receive a paperless copy of your bill via email. Please contact utility billing at 419.826.9515 and press 1.
  • Regular Council Meeting scheduled for December 14 will be conducted via Zoom and streamed to the Village’s Facebook page.
  • There will be no water shut offs, due to non-payment, in December 2020 or January 2021.

Brush pick up- Wind Storm

PSA: Due to the major wind storm this past weekend, Public Service crews will collect down limbs this Friday. Please plan accordingly.

This is a one time collection due to the storm. During the winter months, Public Service only collects brush if there is a large enough storm. Thank you for your cooperation.

Phone Spoofing and Scams

The Swanton Village Police (SPD) warn community members of a scam where callers spoof the main Police phone line, pretend to be law enforcement officers, ask for money for warrants, and threaten arrest if money is not received.

Please understand, the SPD will NEVER call demanding money. SPD officers do not process bonds or accept money to avoid arrest.

Here here are some tips on how to deal with scammers:

  • If you are ever in doubt, just hang up.
  • Don't answer the phone if you don't recognize the number
  • Don't send money or buy gifts for unknown people or organizations

If you have questions or need to report a scam, please call SPD at 419.826.4696.

COVID-19- Swanton Health Care

On September 30, Village of Swanton officials were informed that at least 50 people, who live or work at Swanton Health Care & Retirement Center, tested positive for COVID-19. Village Officials were further informed on October 5 of an increase in positive cases. Village Officials have been in contact with the Governor’s Office as well as the Ohio Department of Health and  Fulton County Health Department. Area agencies are monitoring the situation. If there are any questions please contact the Fulton County Health Department. We encourage everyone to wear a mask, wash hands, and practice social distancing.

Smoke Testing- Project 8 & 9 Sewer Separation Project Scope Area

Smoke testing of the combined sewers, sanitary sewers, and storm sewers will take place on Friday October 9, 2020 for Project 8 & 9 Sewer Separation project scope area (Mettabrook, Allen, West, Sanderson, and portions of W. Garfield and Browning). This testing is scheduled to take one day. The study will involve opening manholes in the streets and public utility easements and blowing smoke through the sewers with a portable blower. An important task of the testing will be to locate defects in the sewer system. The smoke testing will also reveal sources where storm water and other surface waters enter the sanitary sewer or combined sewer system.

A special, non-toxic smoke will be used in these tests. The smoke is manufactured for this purpose. It leaves no residuals or stains, and has no effect on plant or animal life. The smoke has a distinctive, but not unpleasant, odor. Visibility and odor of the smoke lasts only a few minutes, where there is adequate ventilation.

Municipal Building Hours of Operation Change

Effective Monday October 5, 2020 the hours of operations for the Administration side of the Municipal Building will be 7:30 a.m. –4:00 p.m. This decision comes after analysis of operations. The Administration side of the building includes the Administrator, Finance Director, and Administrative Assistants. If you do not feel comfortable coming into the building due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Staff can be reached by phone or email. Further, there is a drive up drop off box for utility payments.

Traffic Changes

Please be advised that effective May 1, 2019 there will be changes to the traffic signal at the intersection of Main Street and Garfield Avenue. Beginning on Wednesday May 1, 2019 and each subsequent evening into the next morning, from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., the traffic signal will flash yellow to Main Street and red to Garfield Avenue. A flashing yellow light indicates that drivers are required to slow down and proceed with extreme caution.  A flashing red light is the same as a stop sign. These indicate that vehicles must come to a full stop before proceeding further.  The speed limit is not changed.

Further, the “no turn on red” traffic signs will be updated at this intersection. The new signs will illustrate “No Turn on Red 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. on School Days”.

These changes are the result of a recommendation from the Public Safety Committee to Village Council. Village Council approved these changes in January 2019.