Ordinances and Resolutions

2018 Ordinances

Ordinance 2018-01 Fulton County EMA
Ordinance 2018-02 Authorize Loan Application for Project 7 Sewer Separation
Ordinance 2018-03 Engineering Agreement for Project 7 Sewer Separation
Ordinance 2018-04 Engineering Agreement for Garfield Bridge Replacement
Ordinance 2018-05 Necessity to asses street lights
Ordinance 2018-06 Zoning Classification Amendments
Ordinance 2018-07 Awarding Contract for Garfield Bridge Replacement Project
Ordinance 2018-08 FY 2018 Permanent Appropriations
Ordinance 2018-09 Necessity to assess leaf pick up
Ordinance 2018-10 Proceed with assessment for street lights
Ordinance 2018-11 Proceed with assessment for leaf pick up
Ordinance 2018-12: Authorizing Village Administrator to enter into an Agreement for the Church Street Reconstruction Project
Ordinance 2018-13: Authorizing the Sale of Real Estate owned by the Village of Swanton and no longer need for Municipal Purposes
Ordinance 2018-14: Amending Section 92 “Nuisance”
Ordinance 2018-15: Awarding Project 7 Sewer Separation
Ordinance 2018-16 Amend Section 52.01(B)
Ordinance 2018-17 Amend Ordinance 2018-02 WPCLF Project 7
Ordinance 2018-18 Sale of Property on Church Street
Ordinance 2018-19: Final Assessment Leaves
Ordinance 2018-20: Final Assessment Street Lights
Ordinance 2018-21: Notework 2018-2019
Ordinance 2018-22: Adopting a Supplement for Codified Ordinances
Ordinance 2018-23: Amending Chapter 74 (General Parking) of Codified Ordinances
Ordinance 2018-24: Establishing Swanton Village Employee Compensation Schedule 2019-2021
Ordinance 2018-25: Authorizing Village Administrator to enter into an Agreement for Project 10 Sewer Separation
Ordinance 2018-26: Repealing Ordinance 2004-17 pertaining to the Pick Up Plan Contribution to OPERS for Village Administrator
Ordinance 2018-27: Amending Section 36.01 Penalty for Returned Checks
Ordinance 2018-28: Authorizing and Directing Mayor and/or Village Administrator to Enter into Agreement with ODNR related to Memorial Park Pavilion Project
Ordinance 2018-29: Authorizing and Directing Mayor and/or Village Administrator to Enter into Agreement with ODOT related to Safe Routes to School Non-Infrastructure
Ordinance 2018-30: Amending Sections of the Zoning Code
Ordinance 2018-31: Amending Ordinance 2018-21
Ordinance 2018-32: Amending Ordinance 2018-08 Permanent Appropriations
Ordinance 2018-33: Fire service contract Swancreek Township
Ordinance 2018-34: Fire service contract Fulton Township
Ordinance 2018-35: 2019 Temporary Appropriations
Ordinance 2018-36: Authorize posting sale of land no longer needed for municipal purposes
Ordinance 2018-37: Authorize Administrator enter into agreement with Fulton County Commissioners for Indigent Legal Services
Ordinance 2018-38: Accepting Annexation 2055 Co Rd H
Ordinance 2018-39: Solicitor Services 2019

2018 Resolutions

Resolution 2018-01 Tree Commission Appointments
Resolution 2018-02 Internet Auction
Resolution 2018-03 Application to ODOT through Safe Routes to School Program
Resolution 2018-04: Retiring of Patty Brown’s Number
Resolution 2018-05: Services to be Provided to area proposed to be annexed- John Pryzbylek
Resolution 2018-06: Authorizing Administrator on Financial Accounts
Resolution 2018-07 Declaring Nuisance at 215 West Airport
Resolution 2018-08: Authorizing the Submission and Support of an Application to the ODNR through the NatureWorks Grant Program
Resolution 2018-09: Confirming the Appointment of Jennifer Harkey as Fiscal Officer
Resolution 2018-10: Recognizing the National Association of Letter Carriers’s 26th Annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive
Resolution 2018-11: Disposal of Surplus Property
Resolution 2018-12: Authorizing lease agreement with TCF National for Vac Con truck
Resolution 2018-13: Reimbursement for OPWC Project 7 Sewer Separation
Resolution 2018-14: Services will be provided to area of proposed Annexation_ Brindley_Pryzbylek
Resolution 2018-15: Services will be provided to area of proposed Annexation_Co Rd H_BroylesResolution 2018-16: Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission and Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies and Certifying them to the County Auditor
Resolution 2018-17: Requesting Advance Payment of Taxes Collected By County Auditors
Resolution 2018-18: Authorizing Village Administrator to Submit an Application to OPWC for Project 10 Sewer Separation
Resolution 2018-19: Opposing Issue 1
Resolution 2018-20: Disposing of Surplus Property
Resolution 2018-21: Disposing of Surplus Property- Fire Division