Year: 2022

Project 8&9 Update & Planning Commision Meeting

On July 13, 2022 Mayor Neil Toeppe, Public Service Superintendent Neil Tedrow and Village Administrator Shannon Shulters completed the Project 8&9 Sewer Separation walk through with Jones & Henry Engineers and Underground Utilities to address the concerns of residents regarding the greater than an inch drop off from driveway to road and the current grass growing being mainly weeds. It was assured that concerns and issues would be taken care of this fall. The orginally scheduled July 5, 2022 Planning Commission took place on July 13, 2022 at 6:30 PM. Special Public Hearing was called to order to conduct a Site Plan Review for 10 Turtle Creek. The applicant desires to construct a commercial building at 10 Turtle Creek named Birchwood Meadow Event Venue. The intent of the building is to house various events such as weddings and conferences. Mayor Toeppe stated that the only concerns from CT, in which he had already addressed prior to the meeting, were what types of flowers/trees would be planted along with the type of wood that would be used for the sign. Mayor Toeppe assured CT that the Village of Swanton would handle making sure the business complied with the ordinances when it came time to plant flowers/trees and put up a sign. Mr. DeGood’s only recommendation to Mr. & Mrs. Mills is to make sure they contact the Ohio Department of Forestry to get approval of species being planted.  Mr. Erdman’s concern …

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New Village Administrator

At the June 27th Swanton Village Council meeting, Shannon Shulters was hired to become the next Village Administrator, replacing Rosanna Hoelzle who had submitted her resignation with an effective date of July 5, 2022. Shannon started on July, 11 2022. “It’s only been a few days, but I am hitting the ground running, I am excited to be a part of the Village of Swanton and look forward to working with the community as a whole.”

Swanton Fire and Rescue Accepting Applications

The Swanton Fire and Rescue Division is looking to fill full time and part time positions. The ideal applicant should possess great character including but not limited to: must be able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and must be able to work as part of a team in completion of emergent and non-emergent tasks. Valid State of Ohio Firefighter I and EMT certifications required; Paramedic certification preferred. If you do not possess one or both of these certifications, please contact SFRD to discuss other options.

May 12- Project 8 & 9

Here is an update related to Project 8 & 9. Everything is weather contingent and barring any unforeseen issues May 12: Mill Browning and Sanderson May 13: Asphalt scratch course on Browning and Sanderson On May 12 and 13 work on Browning will not start until after 8:00am to allow the bus traffic to clear. It is anticipated that the work will be completed each day ahead of the bus traffic at 3:00. May 16 and 17: Place asphalt base on Mettabrook May 18, 19 and 20: Prepare driveway approaches on Mettabrook for concrete. The following week, Smith Paving to complete concrete placement. May 19 and 20: Remove temporary concrete in Main Street road crossing and plate until asphalt is placed.

May 4- Project 8 & 9 Update

The contractor for Project 8 &9 plans to start removing pavement and start roadway excavation on Mettabrook beginning Friday May 6, dependent on the incoming weather; this means Mettabrook will be closed to thru traffic. The excavation will not be as severe as the W. Garfield work and residents will be able to access their driveways as long as construction allows. W. Garfield will be getting the intermediate course today, May 4, and will be open to thru traffic at the end of the day tomorrow, May 5- barring any unforeseen issues.

Smoke testing-May 11

On Wednesday May 11, 2022 the Village of Swanton will be smoke testing the sewers on Forrester; South Main Street between Airport Highway and Swanton Cemetery; and Airport Highway between Paigelynn Street and Main Street. Smoke testing is used to find broken pipes and connections to the sewer. The Village of Swanton hired Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd., for this testing. All personnel involved with the testing can be properly identified either by badges or clothing. Please contact the above mentioned Village personnel if you have any concerns about the testing crew. This testing is scheduled to take one day. The study will involve opening manholes in the streets and public utility easements and blowing smoke through the sewers with a portable blower. An important task of the testing will be to locate defects in the sewer system. The smoke testing will also reveal sources where storm water and other surface waters enter the sanitary sewer or combined sewer system.

April 27- Office Closure 12-12:30

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! The Village of Swanton wouldn’t run as smoothly without our great Administrative Assistants! Thank you to Amy and Olivia in the Administration Office and to Mary in our Village of Swanton Police Department for all they do!The Administration Office will be closed from 12-12:30p on April 27. Staff will return calls and emails after lunch.

April 24- Project 8 & 9

Concrete drives and sidewalk are finished on W. Garfield. Asphalt paving on W. Garfield, Allen, West is tentatively scheduled for the week of May 3. Contractor will be grading, top soiling, and preparing for pavement installation on W. Garfield this week.

Changes to sanitary sewer charge exemption for filling pools

Council updated regulations related to sanitary sewer charge exmeptions for filling pools. Please contact the Administration Office for more information. 419.826.9515. § 51.168  EXEMPTION OF SEWER CHARGE ON INITIAL FILLING OF SWIMMING POOLS.    (A)   Users shall not be charged for sewer charge the first time a new pool is filled upon initial construction.    (B)   Users, who have a zoning permit on file with the village for an existing swimming pool, constructed within the last 15 years, are eligible for an annual flat fee adjustment for the  sewer charge on the initial annual filling of said swimming pool. This adjustment request must be submitted, to the village, within 60 days of the initial annual fill.       (1)   The Village Administrator, or his/her designee, will confirm if a zoning permit is on file, within the property records maintained by the village, and confirm that said pool on permit still exists, before adjustment will be reviewed.       (2)   Once zoning permit and pool are confirmed, users shall read the water meter before and after the pool is filled, and report the meter readings, with subsequent dates of said readings, to the village on approved form.       (3)   The village reserves the right to verify readings, and dates, within the fixed network system used for utility meter readings.       (4)   The flat fee will be approved by Council annually.    (C)   Inflatable pools, of any size, and any temporary pools are not included in this exemption. Temporary pools are those which are used for the season …

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Swanton Village to Flush Fire Hydrants

The Swanton Village Water Division will flush fire hydrants from May 9, 2022- May 20, 2022 throughout the Village and outlying areas.  Residents may notice lower water pressure than normal if hydrants are flushed in their immediate area. Residents may also notice discolored water coming from their faucets for a short period of time. Residents should flush their faucets for a few minutes until the water clears up.  If you have any questions, please contact the Water Treatment Plant at 419.826.5831

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