2022 Recap & What’s to come in 2023!

Let’s take a quick look at what your Village Council accomplished in 2022.

First of all you elected 4 brand new individuals to Village Council. They all expressed a desire for transparency and growth. And they hit the ground running with their colleagues.

One of the very first actions they took was to establish a Live Streaming Policy that promotes greater access and awareness of the issues before the village and how they approach decision making. Now anyone may watch a Council, Commission, or Committee meeting on their computer in real time or at their leisure. And, by the way, a new microphone has been installed so meetings can be more clearly heard. It will be in operation at the next Council meeting.

The next action council took was to establish an Economic Development Commission. That happened last September. An introduction and orientation of the new Economic Development Commissioners will take place on February 8th. The new commissioners will be announced at the next Council meeting on February13th. The purpose of this commission will be to work to develop a plan for economic growth. Someone once said that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The person who plants the tree likely will never sit under the shade it offers nor enjoy the fruit that it bears. Similarly, the establishment of an Economic Development Commission is that seed that is being planted. It is a beginning, albeit long overdue.

Council also approved the establishment of a Dedicated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA). Council held three reading of this ordinance and listened to the input from many community members. They modified the original proposal in response to residents’ input and concerns. The DORA has been approved by the State of Ohio, signage has been ordered and the establishments have been given state approval.

This past year we also saw several businesses give their buildings a much-appreciated face lift. We are looking forward to even more improvements this spring and summer.

You also may have noticed that the village contracted to have about 600 sidewalk sections ground down. This was much needed and appreciated. Sidewalks sections that protruded less than two inches were ground flat.

Memorial Park has a brand-new fantastic playground area.

The brush pick-up policy has been changed to better accommodate the needs of the residents

Sewer separation and road repaving projects were completed.

We hired a new Fire Chief, Village Administrator, and Billing Clerk. Several firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics were also added to the village roster.

And get ready for a new pizza shop to open on Airport Highway and a new retail shop to open in the space left vacant by Younique Boutique. A child day care will also be opening next to the Board of Education.

These are exciting times for Swanton. Watch us grow!

Yours Truly,
Mayor Neil Toeppe

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