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WELCOME to the Village of Swanton! We offer a great location to establish your business. The Village of Swanton would like your businesses to be successful in the safe, clean and attractive environment of Swanton.

The information below is a means to assist and guide new, and established, businesses with frequently asked questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any Village of Swanton Division if you have specific questions; we are happy to help!

Licenses and Permits—Building and Zoning

Village, state and federal governments enacted building and zoning codes to protect the public health, safety and welfare. Permits ensure these codes are followed. Building permits provide the means for building department officials to inspect a business location to ensure minimum standards are met and appropriate materials are used.

There are a few offices related to obtaining licenses and permits.

The Swanton Village Administrator enforces the Swanton Village Zoning Code. Please contact the Administration Office to schedule a time, before any work begins, to discuss any zoning permits necessary for new construction, additions, signage, and more.  419.826.9515

Village of Swanton Zoning and Planning Forms
Zoning Approval Application
Village of Swanton Codified Ordinances

The Wood County Building Inspection Department enforces the Ohio Building Code. Please contact Wood County Building Inspection regarding remodeling, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and occupancy permits before any work begins to ensure compliance. 419.354.9190
Wood County Building Inspection Department
Permit Fees

The Swanton Fire & Rescue Division performs fire inspections. Please contact the SFRD to schedule a time to review any requirements needed. 419.825.1455.
Swanton Fire & Rescue Fire Inspection

Please also check the State of Ohio website to ensure all state business licenses are in order.
Ohio Business Licenses and Permits by Agency/Department

Licenses and Permits—Food and Alcohol

Please contact the Health Department in either Fulton or Lucas County to learn more about licenses and permits required to operate a food oriented business.
Fulton County Health Department (Food Inspection): 419.337.0915
Lucas County Health Department (Food Inspection): 419.213.4100option 3

Please contact the State of Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control to learn more about licenses and permits required to sell alcohol
State of Ohio Liquor Control- Department of Commerce: 614.644.2360


The Village of Swanton is proud to sponsor a grant program for the purpose of revitalizing the exterior facades of downtown properties, while preserving the historic character of downtown Swanton. If applicable, please review the program details.

Façade Enhancement Program (Downtown District) 2021

Law Enforcement

The Swanton Police Division (SPD) provides law enforcement activities for the Village of Swanton. Please fill out the Business Information Request Form and submit to or drop off at the Police Station on Chestnut Street.

Business Information Request Form


The Village of Swanton contracts with the Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A.) to administer the Village of Swanton’s Income Tax. R.I.T.A. can provide instructions and forms regarding filing taxes for business, corporations and associations, as well as guidelines and requirements for new employers. Please fill out R.I.T.A. Form 48: Business Registration Form and submit directly to R.I.T.A.

Village of Swanton Income Tax
Tax Guidelines and Forms
Ohio Business Taxes


The Village of Swanton provides water and sewer; third parties provide electric and natural gas. Please contact the Administration Office to create a utility account in the businesses name. All applicable forms are availability on the Village of Swanton website under “Public Works & Utilities”. An inspection by the Public Service crew will take place before occupancy.

Please contact the Village of Swanton to schedule this appointment to check the water meter, backflow preventer, and grease trap (if applicable). 419.826.2531

Utility Application Forms


The Village of Swanton entered into an exclusive franchise agreement with Republic Services for residential waste and recycling services. Industrial and commercial facilities are exempt from this exclusive franchise. Please make arrangements for waste and recycling services.

Fire Safety Inspection Program

The Village of Swanton operates under the Ohio Fire Code, of which Section 101.2.2 requires inspections of commercial properties to ensure adequate fire prevention measures are in place at each business location.  To work toward and expand Fire Prevention services to our business owners, Swanton Fire and Rescue Division has developed a new Fire Safety Inspection Program effective January 1, 2022.

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