Public Works & Utilities

Public Works & Utilities

Division of Public Service Operations

Public Service Shop: 204 Bassett Avenue


The Division of Public Service provides a multitude of services to the community.  Please click here for a detailed list of services provided by this Division. 

Leaf pick up and refuse and recycling are contracted through third parties.

Please click here for Street Survey and Analysis. (updated Spring 2020) The Village of Swanton contracted with a third party to analyze streets in order to better plan for road improvements.

Superintendent of Public Service Operations: Neil Tedrow

Division of Water Purification

Water Treatment Plant: 3812 Waterville Swanton Road


The Division of Water Purification is responsible for maintaining the Class III Water Plant and the Swanton Reservoir. Licensed operators ensure water quality is at a safe level for those serviced by the Village of Swanton.

2020 CCR Water Quality Report
Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Brochure

Superintendent of Water Purification and Distribution: Ryan Yackee

Ryan joined the Village of Swanton in January 2018.  As Superintendent of Water Purification his duties include the operation of the water treatment plant and distribution system and to make sure the Village is in compliance with Ohio EPA regulations.

Ryan holds a Class 3 Water Supply license from the Ohio EPA.  He is also a member of the American Water Works Association.  Prior to his employment with the Village of Swanton Ryan worked for the City of Wauseon Water Treatment Plant.

Ryan resides in Toledo with his wife and three children.

Division of Water Resource Recovery

Water Resource Recovery Facility: 300 South


The Division of Water Resource Recovery is responsible for maintaining the Class II Water Resource Recovery Facility. Licensed operators ensure wastewater is treated properly through various processed approved by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

Superintendent of Water Resource Recovery Facility: Steve Geise

Steve started at the Village of Swanton in August of 2008. He is the Superintendent of the Swanton Resource Recovery Facility. His duties include the operation of the plant and collection system to ensure the Village is compliant with Ohio EPA requirements.

Steve served our country in the US Army receiving an honorable discharge in 1981. He graduated from the University of Toledo in 1983 receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. He was employed in the dental and pharmaceutical sales industry prior to joining the Village of Swanton. He then gained a Class 3 wastewater operator certification from the State of Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

Steve is a member of the Water Environment Federation, Northwest Ohio Water Environment Association and Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments Wastewater Committee. He and his family reside in Swan Creek Township.