Income Tax

Income Tax

The deadline for filing municipal income tax returns is tied to that of the State of Ohio. Since the State of Ohio extended its income tax filing due date, the municipal filing due date is also extended – automatically- to May 17, 2021.

The Village of Swanton levies a tax of 1.50% on all salaries, wages, commissions and other compensation, earned within the Village The maximum credit you can receive on your Village income tax return for taxes paid to another municipality is 50% of up to 1% of workplace municipality income tax withheld. If you work in a municipality where the tax is 1.50%, you would owe 1% income tax to the Village.

For example, your credit and tax liability will be calculated as such:

Wages:   $40,000

Workplace tax withheld:    $600 (Wauseon @ 1.5%)

Resident tax liability:  $600 (Swanton @ 1.5%)

Workplace: Credit for taxes paid$200 (50% of 1% *$40,000)

Tax owed:  $400

Employers within the Village are required to withhold income tax on employee compensation and remit the tax to the Village either monthly or quarterly, as specified by ordinance. The Village of Swanton contracts with the Regional Income Tax Authority (R.I.T.A) to collect income tax.