• May 12- Project 8 & 9

    Here is an update related to Project 8 & 9. Everything is weather contingent and barring any unforeseen issues

    • May 12: Mill Browning and Sanderson
    • May 13: Asphalt scratch course on Browning and Sanderson
      • On May 12 and 13 work on Browning will not start until after 8:00am to allow the bus traffic to clear.
      • It is anticipated that the work will be completed each day ahead of the bus traffic at 3:00.
    • May 16 and 17: Place asphalt base on Mettabrook
    • May 18, 19 and 20: Prepare driveway approaches on Mettabrook for concrete. The following week, Smith Paving to complete concrete placement.
    • May 19 and 20: Remove temporary concrete in Main Street road crossing and plate until asphalt is placed.

  • May 4- Project 8 & 9 Update

    The contractor for Project 8 &9 plans to start removing pavement and start roadway excavation on Mettabrook beginning Friday May 6, dependent on the incoming weather; this means Mettabrook will be closed to thru traffic. The excavation will not be as severe as the W. Garfield work and residents will be able to access their driveways as long as construction allows.

    W. Garfield will be getting the intermediate course today, May 4, and will be open to thru traffic at the end of the day tomorrow, May 5- barring any unforeseen issues.

  • Smoke testing-May 11

    On Wednesday May 11, 2022 the Village of Swanton will be smoke testing the sewers on Forrester; South Main Street between Airport Highway and Swanton Cemetery; and Airport Highway between Paigelynn Street and Main Street. Smoke testing is used to find broken pipes and connections to the sewer.

    The Village of Swanton hired Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd., for this testing. All personnel involved with the testing can be properly identified either by badges or clothing. Please contact the above mentioned Village personnel if you have any concerns about the testing crew.

    This testing is scheduled to take one day. The study will involve opening manholes in the streets and public utility easements and blowing smoke through the sewers with a portable blower. An important task of the testing will be to locate defects in the sewer system. The smoke testing will also reveal sources where storm water and other surface waters enter the sanitary sewer or combined sewer system.

  • April 27- Office Closure 12-12:30

    Happy Administrative Professionals Day! The Village of Swanton wouldn’t run as smoothly without our great Administrative Assistants! Thank you to Amy and Olivia in the Administration Office and to Mary in our Village of Swanton Police Department for all they do!The Administration Office will be closed from 12-12:30p on April 27. Staff will return calls and emails after lunch.

  • April 24- Project 8 & 9

    Concrete drives and sidewalk are finished on W. Garfield. Asphalt paving on W. Garfield, Allen, West is tentatively scheduled for the week of May 3. Contractor will be grading, top soiling, and preparing for pavement installation on W. Garfield this week.

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