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Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Village is managed by a full-time Administrator. The Administrative staff also includes the Finance Director and two Administrative Assistants.

Community Development

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Official’s main task is to ensure property owners are maintaining their property and are compliant with the Zoning Code.

Planning & Zoning

Permits are required for fences, sheds, pools, garages, additions, and any structural changes. Forms can be found here or at the Village office.

Rental Facilities

Memorial Pavilion can be reserved from April through October. Swanton Community Center can be rented year-round.


Memorial Park
South Main Street

Pilliod Park
Chestnut Street
Walking Path

Rotary Park
Chestnut Street

Public Safety

Fire & EMS


Fire suppression, fire investigation, fire prevention & inspection
Both basic life support & advanced life support squads on station
EMS billing is handled by Fulton County



  • Community services
    (house checks)
  • Investigative services
  • Patrol operations
  • Support services (records & dispatch)

Public Works & Utilities

Public Service

  • Street maintenance
  • Facilities management
  • Park maintenance
  • Water distribution/waste water collection (water main breaks, sewer cleaning)

Water Purification

The Water Plant, a class 3 plant, is classified as a 1.250 million gallon a day lime soda softening water treatment plant. The water source is Swan Creek supplying the Swanton reservoir, which has a capacity of 100 million gallons.

Water Resource Recovery Facility

The Swanton WRRF, a class 2 plant with an average daily flow of 0.92 MGD, has two systems to treat wastewater. The first utilizes primary clarifiers and trickling filters. The second, an oxidation ditch, utilizes activated sludge for treatment.

Helpful Information

Refuse & Recycling Collection

Handled through Klumm Brothers Waste Solutions. This is contracted with you, the resident. You must call to set up service 419.570.6622. Refuse is collected each Monday; there is a limit of six bags or cans. They collect recycling twice a month. Further, residents who have an account may reach out to schedule a bulk pick-up, once a quarter; restrictions apply so please contact Klumm Brothers Wast Solutions for more details. When there is a holiday on that Monday, the pick-up will be Tuesday. Refuse and recycling can be put to the curb 8:00 p.m. the night before. The schedule can be found here.

Medication Drop-Off Box

Residents can drop off unwanted, unused drugs, at the Police Station, and a Police Officer will properly dispose of the medications.

Brush Pick Up

Income Tax

The deadline for filing municipal income tax returns is tied to that of the State of Ohio- April 15, 2024.

The Village of Swanton levies a tax of 1.50% on all salaries, wages, commissions and other compensation, earned within the Village The maximum credit you can receive on your Village income tax return for taxes paid to another municipality is 50% of up to 1% of workplace municipality income tax withheld. If you work in a municipality where the tax is 1.50%, you would owe 1% income tax to the Village.

Employers within the Village are required to withhold income tax on employee compensation and remit the tax to the Village either monthly or quarterly, as specified by ordinance. All residents with an earned income are responsible for a 1.50% payroll tax. The Village of Swanton contracts with the Regional Income Tax Authority (R.I.T.A) to collect income tax.

Sample Credit & Tax Liability

For example, your credit and tax liability will be calculated as such:

Wages: $40,000

Workplace tax withheld: $600 (Wauseon @ 1.5%)

Resident tax liability: $600 (Swanton @ 1.5%)

Workplace: Credit for taxes paid $200 (50% of 1% *$40,000)

Tax owed:  $400


Utility Billing

Due on the 15th of the month. Able to pay cash, check, credit, online, and automatic debit. For convenience, night deposit box at East end of building, near Police Station.

Voter Information

State Officials

State Senator, District 1 (Fulton County)

Robert McColley
Senate Building 1 Capitol Square
1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

State Senator, District 2 (Lucas County)

Theresa Gavarone
Senate Building 1 Capitol Square
1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

State Representative, District 81 (Fulton County)

Jim Hoops
77 S. High St
1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

State Representative, District 47 (Lucas County)

Derek Merrin
77 S. High St
1st Floor Columbus, OH 43215

Federal Officials

U.S. Senate

Sherrod Brown
455 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Rob Portman
36 East Seventh Street
Suite 2615
Cincinnati, OH 45202

U.S. House of Representatives

Bob Latta
1323 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20510

Other Resources


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