From the Office of the Village Administrator

This post is an intent to inform the public regarding miscellaneous completed projects since July of 2022 with little to no cost to the Village (this is one post out of several to come, we didn’t want to get too lengthy). Here is what has transpired within the Village of Swanton:

Downtown Beautification: We put together a “Downtown Beautification Day” and organized volunteers within the community to come help weed and clean up the downtown flowerbeds which, in turn, resulted in Foertmeyer & Sons Greenhouse bringing their staff to help make task fly by! After continued discussion occurred between the management of Foertmeyer & Sons and the Village, an agreement was made for them to continue to take care of the maintenance of the flowerbeds with minimal cost to the Village. They also put together the planters that were around the street lights and gave the flowerbeds where the Doughboy is in Memorial Park a facelift. The downtown has never looked so beautiful! (less than 15k)

Fountain in Pilliod Park: The pump to the fountain was burned up/broken. With the help of the Swanton Rotary Club we were able to get a replacement and establish an agreement with Oak Park Garden Center to handle the care/winterizing of the pump. It has been flowing beautifully ever since! ($700)

Caboose in Pilliod Park: The Swanton Rail Road Club has restored the Caboose to its natural beauty from when the Haller family originally donated it back in 1989 (plaque purchased by the Village in honor of the donation), and a special thanks to the Ritter Family for donating their time to apply all the base coating! (Less than 1k)

Park Signs & Village Signs: A much needed face lift occurred for Pilliod Park, Rotary Park, the Police Department, Municipal Building and the R.L. Harding Fields signs. Along with new “Welcome to The Village of Swanton” road signs. Page Irrigation & Landscaping cleaned up and re-deigned the flowerbeds around the fountain and Pilliod Park sign for minimal cost to the Village. (between the signs and landscaping less than 15k)

Swanton DORA: We became the first Village in Fulton County to establish a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area. This past Summer Downtown Block Parties occurred, where over 200 people attended, this would not have been such a success without DORA! (signs & more trash receptacles less than 3k)

Honor Our Veterans Banners: This was something that residents had been asking for, for years. We made it happen and now between the months of May & October, 76 Veterans are honored up and down Main Street. (split cost with the families that wanted their Veterans honored, less than 2k)

Swanton Snowflake Shuffle 5k: Raised funds for the Swanton Middle School Career Class along with funds to help replace & update the Christmas Lights throughout the Village. (Raised 5k)

Ditch in Memorial Park: This project was also one that was talked about for years in effort to create more greenspace. This would not have been completed without the collaboration of our Public Service Department, Swancreek Township and the Swanton Corn Festival Committee. (Corn Festival donated all materials)

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