2024 First of the Year Hot Topics

2024 First of the Year Hot Topics:

Sewer Separation Project 3, 11 & 12:
Sewer install is complete down St. Richards Court. Sewer on Hickory will be finishing up, with Maple being next in line. Next month Storm installation will begin on St. Richards Court. Friendly reminder that they are working as efficiently as possible considering the ever changing weather conditions of this time of year.

Refuse Service:
Yes, the rumors are true, we have submitted a 90-day notice to Republic Services terminating their agreement with the Village of Swanton as the refuse & recycling service provider. The Village of Swanton does not handle any of the customer service or billing in house when it comes to refuse & recycling, we enter into an agreement with a provider in order to keep order/organization throughout the village and a decrease in truck traffic on non-main/residential roads. The Village of Swanton was required to publish a Request for Proposal in the local newspapers and online, we did so the months of October/November 2023. This resulted in two companies submitting, Klumm Bros Waste Solutions and Stevens Disposal. After Council reviewed and asked questions to both companies at the December 11th Council Meeting it was left up to the Village Administrator to decide which company to enter into an agreement with. Both companies were comparable in pricing with only one price being less IF the Village of Swanton would take on the billing in house. After a survey was done in Spring of 2023 it was determined that the residents DID NOT want the Village of Swanton to manage the refuse & recycling billing. So looking ahead here is what to expect: After February 1st 2024 Klumm Bros Waste Solutions will be contacting all the residents with instructions on how to set up their new account. The last week that Republic Services will be collecting is April 1st. Klumm Bros Waste Solutions will begin on Monday, April 8th. Please be patient during this transition.

Munson Road:
Reconstruction & Sewer Extension work is still in the design phase. Construction will go to bid in February with the intent to award in March. The estimated time frame for construction to begin would be late Spring/early Summer 2024.

In a perfect world we would never have potholes and road projects to inconvenience anyone. In a perfect world we would never have accidents or incidents occur where waterlines would need to be fixed/repaired. In a perfect world, service providers that the Village chooses to contract/enter into agreements with would never have any errors in service or billing, and in a perfect world all streetlights would never burn out or have transformer issues. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. We are not sure if that could even exist, but if it did, how boring would life be?!

Believe it or not we have an AMAZING community/village where we do everything humanly possible to make the quality of living and doing business here as perfect as possible!

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