Changes to sanitary sewer charge exemption for filling pools

Council updated regulations related to sanitary sewer charge exmeptions for filling pools. Please contact the Administration Office for more information. 419.826.9515.


   (A)   Users shall not be charged for sewer charge the first time a new pool is filled upon initial construction.

   (B)   Users, who have a zoning permit on file with the village for an existing swimming pool, constructed within the last 15 years, are eligible for an annual flat fee adjustment for the  sewer charge on the initial annual filling of said swimming pool. This adjustment request must be submitted, to the village, within 60 days of the initial annual fill.

      (1)   The Village Administrator, or his/her designee, will confirm if a zoning permit is on file, within the property records maintained by the village, and confirm that said pool on permit still exists, before adjustment will be reviewed.

      (2)   Once zoning permit and pool are confirmed, users shall read the water meter before and after the pool is filled, and report the meter readings, with subsequent dates of said readings, to the village on approved form.

      (3)   The village reserves the right to verify readings, and dates, within the fixed network system used for utility meter readings.

      (4)   The flat fee will be approved by Council annually.

   (C)   Inflatable pools, of any size, and any temporary pools are not included in this exemption. Temporary pools are those which are used for the season and then removed at the end of the season.

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