May 12- Project 8 & 9

Here is an update related to Project 8 & 9. Everything is weather contingent and barring any unforeseen issues

  • May 12: Mill Browning and Sanderson
  • May 13: Asphalt scratch course on Browning and Sanderson
    • On May 12 and 13 work on Browning will not start until after 8:00am to allow the bus traffic to clear.
    • It is anticipated that the work will be completed each day ahead of the bus traffic at 3:00.
  • May 16 and 17: Place asphalt base on Mettabrook
  • May 18, 19 and 20: Prepare driveway approaches on Mettabrook for concrete. The following week, Smith Paving to complete concrete placement.
  • May 19 and 20: Remove temporary concrete in Main Street road crossing and plate until asphalt is placed.

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